What is the goal of the investment?

The goal of the investment is to guarantee by 2026 1 Gbps connectivity for close to 8.5 million families, businesses and organisations in suburban areas and 5G coverage across the whole territory: to achieve this, the processes for authorization will be simplified and new infrastructure will be built. 

Total investment cost 6.71 bn
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
  • Gender equality
Additional details

The investment involves the awarding of concessions and includes five faster connection projects:

1. “1 Gig Italy, which will guarantee a download speed of 1 Gigabit and an upload speed of 200 Mbit in areas of grey and black next generation access (NGA) market failure. These areas will be defined following the completion of a mapping exercise

2. “5G Italy”, which will provide 5G connections in areas of market failure, i.e. areas where mobile networks have not been developed or where only 3G networks are available with no 4G and/or 5G mobile networks envisaged in the near future or where there has been demonstrable market failure

3. “Connected schools”, which will provide schools with 1 Gigabit broadband connectivity

4. “Connected healthcare facilities”, which will provide public healthcare facilities with 1 Gigabit broadband connectivity

5. “Connected minor islands”, which will provide select minor islands lacking fibre optic connections with the continent with ultrafast broadband connectivity

The benefits for the citizens

  • A faster Internet connection for hospitals, schools and small islands and 5G coverage across the nation for a more digital and innovative Italy

Key steps