Actions aimed at increasing resilience, enhancing land and improving energy efficiency

What is the goal of the investment?

Enhancing territorial resilience through a series of actions targeting urban areas. Safety of both territories and buildings will be improved, with the focus on schools, which will adopt the most recent regulations. In addition, energy efficiency will be enhanced together with public lighting. The municipalities are in charge of implementing such actions through 39,900 small- and 7,200 medium-scale public works. 

Total investment cost 6 bn
  • Gender equality
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
Additional details

Italy is made up of a few large cities and many small municipalities: out of about 8,000 municipalities, there are fewer than 150 that can claim at least 50,000 inhabitants. About 6,000 municipalities have a population of under 5,000 residents and about 1,500 mayors, of which many in mountainous areas do not add up to 1,000 fellow citizens. Depopulation, the old age of the population, lack of services, large size of the territory but low number of inhabitants compared to the surface area, constraints linked to inclusion in natural parks, and above all a chronic scarcity of resources heavily affect local administrations. The investment, with a budget of 6 billion euros, aims to support them by financing a series of small (39,900) and medium-sized (7,200) public works, such as the upgrading of municipal buildings and the upgrading (including energy) of public lighting. 

What are the benefits?

Intervene in favour of Special Economic Zones means having:
  • Improved connections between industrial areas and the railway network
  • More widespread transport
  • More work for the industrial and construction sectors to create new structures
  • Simpler guidelines, thus allowing more efficient procedures

Key steps