What is the goal of the investment?

The aim of this investment is to migrate the datasets and applications of a large chunk of local public administration to a secure cloud infrastructure, giving each administration the freedom to choose from a series of certified public cloud environments. The measure particularly regards local administrations which, thanks to a support programme, will be able to transfer data and applications to the cloud, ensuring they are accessible anytime and anywhere. To complete these activities, the administrations will be guided by a team coordinated by the Ministry for technological innovation and the digital transition (MITD), which will support them in both the assessment and certification of suppliers. More specifically, a wide range of qualified vendors able to proceed with the migration process will be identified and certified and a central monitoring group will be set up to guarantee the timely implementation of the activities.

Total investment cost 1 bn
  • Youth
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
  • Gender equality
Additional details

The measure will also involve a support package for administrations which includes:
• an initial assessment
• the procedural/administrative support required to launch the process
• the negotiation of the necessary external support
• the overall management of the project during the implementation phase
A team overseen by the Ministry for Technological Innovation and the Digital Transition (MITD) should identify and certify a wide range of qualified vendors and negotiate a series of standard support packages tailored to the size of the administration and services involved in the migration process. The announcement of three dedicated tenders will enable the Ministry for Technological Innovation and the Digital Transition to assess the highly specific requirements of each type of Public Administration involved. The migration of 16,547 Local Public Administrations to certified cloud environments will be regarded as complete when the tests on all systems, datasets and application migrations included in each migration plan have produced a positive result.

What are the benefits?

The first to benefit from this innovation will be public administrations and all citizens who will be able to access PA data and services more easily. In particular, it will be possible to benefit from:
  • Public Administration data and applications, accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Certified cloud environments that guarantee the security and protection of sensitive data
  • The development of an ecosystem of businesses and start-ups able to improve the range of software products for PA

Key steps